Produce Bags


We specialise in producing high quality produce plastic bag.

Resin Molecule


All products at Khalsa Packaging are made of high grade Resin.

Hightech Machinery

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At Khalsa Packaging – We use state of the art Machinery.

Green @ Khalsa


All our products are Enviromentally Safe!


Khalsa Packaging Ltd. has advanced flexographic printing equipment allowing us to print up to 8 colours. We have the following capabilities:

  1. Onsite Extrusion of Polyethylene
  2. Print on various materials, CPP, BOPP, Laminated PET and Metalized film
  3. Line/process print
  4. Surface/reverse print
  5. Conversion to a variety of different sized bags
  6. Laminated Roll Stock



We offer competitive Pricing for the following Product lines:

  • Wicketed bags
  • Bread bags
  • Pita bags
  • Carrot bags
  • Lettuce bags
  • Celery bags
  • Leno Mesh bags
  • Apple bags
  • Zip lock bags
  • Fertilizer bags
  • Manure bags
  • Top-soil bags
  • Wood Chips bags
  • Fire Log bags
  • Laminated Roll Stock/ Printed or Plain


Good Customer Support Team

Khalsa Packaging Ltd. recognizes the important role of packaging in the overall marketing process of any product. Hence we take time to clearly understand your requirement, and work with you from start to end .We also have a very good customer support team who work and assist our customers according to their needs and requirements.

Customer Support :

Sharon: sharon@khalsapkg.com